THE ATOLL #1 sells out, goes to second printing.

THE ATOLL #1 has sold out through Diamond, and is going to a second printing. If you want a copy of the first printing, hurry to your LCBS. Or look for one of these special variants from Blindbox or Comics Heating Up/Frankie's Comics.

THE ATOLL #2 in stores February 22, 2017.

Emerging master of horror, Tim Daniel, and artist Ricardo Drummond, bring you The AtollHow long would you last?

Available from Diamond Comics Distributors in December 2016. DCD Order Code: DEC161517

Written by Tim Daniel, with art by Ricardo Drummond, colors by Joanna Fuente, letters by Adam Wollet, and editing by Bess Pallares.

Held captive at a remote fighting arena somewhere far off the Australian coast. Forced to witness combatants mauledto death by a massive Great White shark...  Story is given a deadly ultimatum by the arena’s pitboss, Viktor. No matter her choice or the outcome, success or failure means certain death.

$3.99 | 32 Pages, Full Color | UPC: 858761006058 | Action / Thriller