Praise for Deadeye: Begun in Blood:

"Tombstone, Unforgiven,... Young Guns... None of that was as good as DeadEye: Begun in Blood. This makes cowboy life look badass and tragic and amazing... Nathan's artwork – a muted desert color palette – is perfect for this medium. You can feel the grit in your teeth, the sun beating on your neck, and the washed out color of the low scrublands." - Adventures in Poor Taste

"The writing is damn near poetic in places... I'm looking forward to the next installment, like a slow trigger pull that has the hammer just about to fall." - The Pullbox

Written by Adrian F. Wassel, with art by Nathan C. Gooden.

A land of undiscovered riches, beauty, and violence. A land born of myth. The American frontier. As the bounty hunter, Deadeye, tracks the gang responsible for his nightmarish past, he discovers a far worse set of villains lurking in the uncharted territory. Criminals from a distant planet, imprisoned on Earth.

The Wild West is only the beginning.

ISBN: 978-1939424143