Winner of Foreword Magazine's 2014 IndieFab Gold Award for Best Graphic Novel, The Gifted is a singular work. Through Nathan C. Gooden's breathtaking, hand-painted artwork, it delivers a rich and morally engaging story that simply couldn't have been told in any other medium.

Written by Damian A. Wassel and Adrian F. Wassel, with hand-painted watercolors by Nathan C. Gooden.

In a world void of color, a lone wolf hunts for food. Drawn to an industrial plant at the fringe of a city, the wolf encounters humans for the first time. Wounded by their violent reaction, the wolf flees, seeking shelter. What he finds, however, proves far more powerful: the gift of consciousness. Guided by a quiet voice, the wolf embarks on a journey. Soon, he discovers others like him. Others who are gifted. This is the story of their struggle to bring color back to the world.

ISBN: 978-1939424129