THE GIFTED: BOOK 3 is in stores this month.

The Gifted: Book 3, the follow-up to the 2014 IndieFab Gold Award Winner for Best Graphic Novel, is in available in stores this July.

Praise for The Gifted: Book 1 & 2:

"Morally enigmatic and deserving of repeat readings, this primal fable of power and evolution is a dexterous balance of action-adventure and thought-piece." - Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"I honestly feel that The Gifted is more than a great comic - it is a great book." - Black Ship Books

Written by Adrian F. Wassel, with stunning hand-painted watercolors by Nathan C. Gooden.

After a long journey through the barren lands outside Union City, the wolf finds refuge among new companions. A ferocious catamount leads the group to a haven of fresh water and flourishing vegetation. Here the wolf learns to hunt. To thrive. To navigate the hierarchy of his pack. But as the crow uncovers the truth behind Union Conservatory―a sanctuary for life fallen into disarray―the wolf must choose. Follow the catamount to violence. Or venture out alone.

IBSN: 978-1939424150